Yakhanani Centre | for the people by the people. By any means necessary
for the people by the people. By any means necessary
Build our own institutions for self reliance and emancipation. The Yakhanani Centre is/will be a cultural space seeking to provide resources, skills & information for the youth of rural Eastern Cape in Lady Frere. The space will be divided into three elements, gardening, arts and education. The first components of the centre to be manifested will be a library , amphitheater and offices. The garden space with fence is already there. With your help will make the dream come true.
2017 a multiple award wining hip hop artist/activist Zanzolo released The yakhanani 7 tracks EP which he uses as tool or mechanism to help fundraise and spread awareness abt the centre.
  •  Any form of donation is welcome, building materiel, office equipment, funds, books etc.
WhatsApp: 0728931134 or email yakhananicentre29@gmail.com
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