Up&Close with Nipho Hurd | An exclusive women’s month interview

This morning we got an opportunity to have a sit down with Nipho Hurd, a very talented vocalist from Pietermaritzburg with soulful sounds coupled with smooth sythns, jazz and soul influence. Nipho has been very busy performing around Durban.


She reminds us of Moonchild Sanelly and Apple aka Umaah who are also Durban’s greats in their rights. We chat a bit about females recognition in the Durban, sex and drugs. The interesting part is touching on music producers expecting sexual favors and exploiting female artists in return of producing their work. We also chat about lack of money in the arts and artists being exploited by event organizers. Thus, forcing artists to consider moving to Johannesburg.


“I actually love Johannesburg, there you always have something happening every week. In Durban you have to wait for a while to get a gig whereas in Johannesburg you could easily perform more than one gig a day” –  Nipho


On the exclusive Nipho also mentions working on releasing new music with over 120 songs to choose from.

“My Sound is very mellow and jazzy” – Nipho

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If you missed the live interview please catch the repeat tonight at 11pm


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