Exclusive Interview With @RaheemKemet

They say ‘The aim is not to sweat’ when listening to music. Yeah sure, its bound to make you move your feet along with the beat and hey, trust Raheem Kemet to do just that.


It’ll be wrong for me to group him as a talented artist so I’ll be straight forward, Raheem Kemet was born with the gift of music. His beats must make you want to stand up and do crazy moves you had no idea lived deep within you. You simply start by tapping your feet and before you know it, BOOM, the beat is making every limb in your body move. His sound is so relaxing, its appealing to the ear and Oh My… It soothes the soul.


Raheem is a Durban muzo who describes his career as ‘a journey through sound’ and he has made it big for himself. He is signed under Sony Music Africa, he’s a brand ambassador for RVCA South Africa and on top of that a couple of his tracks have been topping the charts. Songs like ‘The Fire’, ‘September ‘ and ‘ Moves on You’ have been making waves for a long time.



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