As August (Women’s month) draws to an end, Durban artists Nonhle “Skye Wanda” Mhlongo and Thobeka “Ninja X” Dhlomo are staging a two woman show called “DON’T ONLY BOOK US IN AUGUST”. The aim of the show is to highlight the challenges faced by female artists in the entertainment industry as well as to call for a review in how business is conducted when it comes to females in the industry.


Skyewanda, born Nonhle Mhlongo and grew up in Chesterville near Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa  is a natural born artist, and has grown musical and acting both theoretically and on screen. Skyewanda is a triple treat artist; a vocalist, rapper and actor. Her music infuses jazz, gospel, R&B neo-soul and hip hop to create her own distinct style and sound, rounded up with catchy melodies and fresh lyrics. Her vocal capabilities are rich and her performance skills moves people every time she gets onto a stage this is attributed to the fact that she has graced the biggest stages as both an actor and an artist. From starting to sing as a young girl in church to backing her mother’s band and arranging her songs to being a rap artist. Her presence is certainly expanding and growing in strength and she is prepared to set new boundaries each time.

Skyewanda has performed at lots of South African stages, such as City Hall, Oppikoppi, The Playhouse, Splashy Fen, Back to the City Festival, Hype Magazine Hip-hop Awards, Original Material awards and Fashion TV. Her biggest stage yet is the 2016 Essence Festival, in New Orleans. Before her solo career she did backing vocals for some well known South African Artists. Her acting career started off in theatre after attending Amanguni Productions acting training, where she worked with Thabo Mnguni on industrial theatre shows and some productions showcased at The Playhouse Company. She went on to attend classes at Ndaba Ka Ngwane Pictures which moulded her film acting and went on to appear on a feature film titled “UHLANGA” where she also worked on the soundtrack of this  film that won five awards. In 2010, Skyewanda released her debut E.P. titled “THE VALEDICTORIAN”. Since then she’s had continuous airplay on stations such as Gagasi FM and uKhozi FM, particularly her single “Merciless Wanda” which gained her a popularity within the Hip-Hop circles. This year Skye Wanda will entice jazz, neo-soul and hip hop fans with her voice, charisma and unique style as she embarks on recording her debut album titled “HEARTBOX”. Her first single titled “EASY” is available on iTunes, Google Play, etc. “Easy” also has a Music Video which was shot in 2016 and has since gained lots of views on YOUTUBE as well as airplay on Ukhozi FM. This was enhanced by her appearance on one of the biggest music TV shows in SA, IDOLS Season 11. With a voice as smooth as bourbon and as jagged as heartache, coupled with a rapping ability that hits you like a freight train, Skye Wanda’s talent is immediately obvious, elegantly balancing guttural street influences with the finesse of classical music forms.


Thobeka “Ninja X” Dhlomo is a media practitioner, a DJ, an MC an event organizer as well as a publicist who has been very active in the Durban creative scene for some time. She has worked on a number of radio stations and consistently stages events in the city.


Skye Wanda will be performing LIVE on stage and Ninja X will be the host and the DJ of the evening. The evening promises to be nothing short of spectacular.


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