US informal

  1. a person’s distinctive and attractive or impressive style of dress or way of doing things.

“the pearl studs added a snazzy touch to her steez”

  • the quality of being effortlessly stylish or fashionable.

“this humble city of ours has some serious steez”


Radio Steez is a strictly digital radio station broadcasting the best of alternative and authentic music.




To promote consciousness and originality




  • To be the leading and innovative radio station with a strong involvement in the preservation, documentation and promotion of South African hip-hop culture in its purest form with the ultimate aim of placing African hip-hop on a global scale.
  • To create an environment where artists are being true to themselves and the representation of the hip-hop culture without having to conform to the music industry stereotypes and trends.
  • To encourage more African hip-hop artists express themselves in their indigenous languages.
  • To see a hip-hop community that promotes their African cultures and heritage through music and displaying images of livelihood in their music videos as opposed to writing only songs about sex, drugs and alcoholism.
  • To engage and partner with other hip-hop stake holders, festivals, workshops, seminars and other brands in bringing broadcasting as a tool to collaborate in an effort to bringing positive impact in our society.
  • To be the voice of the voiceless and a radio station of choice within the hip-hop community and society at large by filling the gap that has been created between commercial and underground hip-hop.